Cocktail Couple’s Etsy Shop Filled with Vintage Barware

The Cocktail Couple Etsy Shop

Thank you to everyone who was checking in with us during Irma. It looked like she was going to be a direct hit where we live in Sarasota. We got so lucky. We only lost power for several days and a big tree in our front yard landed in the neighbor’s yard. We are so grateful as it could have been so much worse. Our thoughts our with those in other areas whose lives were truly impacted.

Needless to say, we had some down time. We tried to use it wisely and take our mind off the stress (and not drink too much as we were inside forever).  We finally got our Etsy shop up and running. Plenty more vintage glassware and barware will be added. While drinking is seemingly more important in our house than food, it was time to get our dining room table back.

The Cocktail Couple Etsy Shop

The link is:

Here’s a slideshow of just a few of the things listed. Please take a peek and be sure to check often.

  • Mid Century Geometric Design Glasses

Tell your friends who love vintage barware. I want to eat on our table soon!

Photos of us were taken by Little Skull Photography.


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