Taste of the Islands from the Comfort of Your Home

Taste of the Islands

Now that it’s fall, rum isn’t always in the front of our bar. It’s more of a summer booze. But last weekend, I ran a half marathon and couldn’t seem to get hydrated. By the time it was happy hour I was craving a rum drink. I have to admit, I forgot that the nice folks at Savile had sent us a bottle of their premium Rumtini. (I blame it on Irma.)

I was surprised to pull out the bottle and learn that it was a pre-made drink. We usually wouldn’t agree to try something like this as Robert is not a fan. He likes to hand craft his cocktails. I on the other hand, am lazy. I was so happy to simply pour this over ice and add a cherry. (Did I mention I had run 13.1 miles earlier in the day? Just saying!) I also had some fresh mint on hand.
Taste of the Islands with Savile Rumtini

While Savile Premium Rumtini is too sweet for Robert, it was the perfect drink to quench my craving. It had hints of pineapple and went down really easy. It lives up to the marketing of being “the refreshing exotic ready-to-serve drink you have been waiting for.”

There is nothing artificial added and it’s gluten-free.

I can definitely see this being at the front of the bar next summer. Although, I know this particular bottle will be gone long before that time! And remember to refrigerate after opening.

For more information and where to buy visit, http://drinksavile.com/

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