Hallmark Did Not Invent National Tequila Day

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We couldn’t dare not celebrate one of the most beloved national holidays of the year, National Tequila Day!  It has been celebrated every July 24th but no one knows when it actually began. And we can’t blame Hallmark for this one. I didn’t find a single card anywhere in their store.

As I went through our previous posts and our friends posts, I discovered that we write a lot about tequila. It got me thinking (or is that the booze talking?) why it has risen in popularity in my own life?  It wasn’t always the case. MOM: STOP READING NOW! I’ll never forget the night of my 21st birthday. I was living in Gainesville across the street from the Purple Porpoise. (Yes, I’m dating myself.) I had been going to the Porpoise “illegally” for years. I was so excited to be there I MIGHT have stood on the table (they were wood picnic tables so not that big of deal) and declared “I’m finally allowed to be here!” at the top of my lungs. From that moment on, shots of tequila were headed my direction. Needless to say, I didn’t touch tequila for at least 15 years later. Probably a pretty common story, but mine was shared by my college best friend as a wedding toast.

These days, tequila has become one of my liquors of choice. Especially in the summertime. And when my sweet tooth appears in the evening, you’ll often find me sipping on Patron Cafe XO over ice.

However you like your tequila, we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. Please accept this post as our official “Have a wonderful National Tequila Day” greeting card. Hmmm, perhaps we should call Hallmark. Think they’ll pay a royalty fee?



Need inspiration for celebrating National Tequila Day? Consider this your Hallmark greeting card as we offer inspiration to celebrate. Cheers!

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