Fall Seasonal Craft Cocktail Menu from Jack Dusty’s

Seasonal menus are brilliant. Seasonal cocktail menus are even more brilliant! I had the opportunity to be wined and dined during a private media tasting when Jack Dusty’s  introduced their Fall seasonal menu. For those of you who don’t live in Sarasota, Jack Dusty’s is the restaurant inside our Ritz-Carlton. It’s very swanky. They even have a live mermaid hanging out on top of the bar.

It was a five course tasting that started with a welcome cocktail that was a tall shot glass filled of something they named “The Grog“. It’s made with our local Siesta Key Coconut Rum (award winner I must add), coconut water, and lime juice. It went down super easy and you just knew the night was going to just be fabulous. Plus, check out the lime garnish. Totally on point!

The Grog

The Grog

The first course was a salmon crude paired with a rum drink called “Crossfire“. I wish I took notes when the chef and mixologist came out before each course to explain the reasons for the pairing, the history, and the ingredients. Full disclosure, there were five courses (6 drinks) and needless to say, it’s a good thing I swiped a menu. There would have been no way I’d remember anything. The Crossfire was made with a rum that seems to be popping up in a lot of the places we visit. And I’m glad because I must say I really like the flavor of Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum. They added cherry herring, antica sweet vermouth, oj and some orange bitters. I could have had another one and gone home very happy. And singing songs of Jack Dusty’s brilliance.

Crossfire Cocktail from The Ritz


The second course was a squid ink pasta paired with an “Autumn Daiquiri“. I don’t normally associate daiquiris with fall, but the way they blended Flora de Cana Rum with Luxardo, Chai Rum, Pamplemousse, lime and apple cinnamon syrup was divine. Perfect for sipping by a fire place. If it ever gets cool enough here to turn one on.

Autumn Daiquiri from The Ritz

Autumn Daiquiri

For the third course we had Seared Scallops paired with “El Ultima Santo“.  While others were not as fond of this drink, it might have been one of my favorites. It was made with Del Maguey Mezcal, Green Chartreuse, Aperol, Luxardo and lime juice. Ever since I participated in The Last Word Instagram challenge I’ve been searching for recipes worthy of using our Green Chartreuse. That stuff is NOT cheap and this recipe will be worthy. I hope they share more details with us to make it at home.

El Ultima Santo Cocktail from The Ritz

El Ultima Santo

The fourth course was Grilled Ribeye paired with “The Real McCoy“. I can’t remember if this was my favorite drink of the night but damn, it was good. They used Forester Prohibition Bourbon, Gulliano Aperitivo, Pear Brandy, Lime juice, maple syrup, demerara syrup and angostura bitters. Most of my favorite ingredients in one drink, hard not to love.

The Real McCoy Cocktail from The Ritz

The Real McCoy

Dessert was the fifth course of Strawberry shortcake doughnut paired with “Shirley’s Jam“. A sweet drink made with Rhubarb Jam, Fords Gin and soda.

Shirley's Jam Craft Cocktail from The Ritz

Shirley’s Jam

But Jack Dusty’s didn’t stop there. They ended the night with a farewell cocktail called “The Rio Grande” made with Cedilla Acai Liqueur, Leblon Reserva Especial, Pomegranate Juice, Angostura Bitters, Tiki Bitters, and simple syrup. I gotta admit. I don’t remember this one. I must have still been sipping on Shirley’s Jam! I’m glad I managed to get a photo as everything is always pretty in a champagne flute!

The Rio Grande from The Ritz

The Rio Grande

Please don’t ask me which ones were the best. Seriously, they were all so unique I’d recommend trying them all. I wouldn’t recommend doing it all in one night though. Whoever said there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing was wrong. Or maybe they took better notes. And yes, the food was equally amazing and I ate every single bite, completely clearing each plate.

Thanks to the team at Jack Dusty for a wonderful evening. I just hope I didn’t embarrass myself so I get invited back. I promise next time I’ll bring my notebook!
For more information visit http://jackdusty.com/

Thanks also goes to Stephanie Roberts of ABC7 & Suncoast View, my fellow partner in crime, bridge walking buddy, and favorite drinking buddy. 


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