From Football to Booze: Dan Marino Partners with Rock N Roll Tequila


Rock N Roll Tequila

Dan Marino is a partner in Rock N Roll Tequila which debuted its premium tequilas in handcrafted, glass guitar bottles in March, 2017. The Rock N Roll Tequila team announces its partnership with Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) to distribute the brand to retailers, restaurants, bars and nightclubs throughout the state of Florida.

Rock N Roll Platinum Tequila is the finest, Triple Distilled Tequila at “silver” pricing. Made by Master Distiller Jose Aceves, third-generation tequila producer, Jose sources Rock N Roll’s 100% pure blue agave from his family’s mountaintop field in Los Altos, Deep in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. All uniquely designed, patented glass guitar bottles feature the added value of an extra 50 ML bottle as the top.

Each 750 ml bottle also offers a patented bottle top, known as the “roadie” which provides the consumer a complimentary two shots of Platinum Tequila.

Rock N Roll’s Platinum, Mango and Cristalino Añejo Tequila’s have a clean, crisp, distinct taste and the added “Roadie” feature by design. Varieties include:

  • Platinum: Hand-crafted, triple distilled, made with 100% pure highlands blue agave – making it one of the smoothest-tasting tequilas on the planet.
  • Mango: Double distilled with 100% pure highlands blue agave and the highest quality natural mango flavor. Rock N Roll’s Mango is becoming increasingly popular for people who don’t normally drink tequila because of its sweet citrus notes and super smooth finish.
  • Cristalino: Añejo Tequila is barrel ages for two to three years and filtered to perfection, making it cleaner and healthier than other Añejo tequilas. Cristalino is also made with 100% pure highlands blue agave, featuring classic notes of French Oak and Vanilla.       Rock N Roll Tequila

“After tasting Rock N Roll Tequila, I knew it was a quality spirit and I wanted to be a member of the team. said Marino. “It is great to be associated with a high-quality product at a reasonable price, and it doesn’t hurt to have an iconic name like Rock N Roll!”

RNDC is proud to partner with some of the world’s most distinguished alcohol producers. A leading wholesale beverage distributor, RNDC offers a broad product portfolio encompassing a wide variety of wine, spirits and beer.

RNDC is one of the leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors that specializes in wine and spirits and is partnered with some of the world’s most distinguished alcohol producers. As a leading beverage distributor, RNDC offers a broad product portfolio. Mario Freixas at RNDC states, “We partnered with Rock N Roll Tequila because RNDC likes to associate themselves with proven winners.”

Rock N Roll Tequila is priced so that people can drink PREMIUM tequila at a reasonable cost. Along with longtime tequila connoisseurs, millennials are also flocking to the brand. The team at Rock N Roll Tequila recognizes that there are those who live life and those who own it. Those who dare, defy and define it. Live on your own terms. Always crank it up! Never turn it down! When you raise your glass, whether it’s a shot or a Platinum Margarita, raise the bar!

About the Team:

Rock N Roll Tequila Dan Marino and Scott Woolley

Dan Marino and Scott Woolley

Founder – Andy Herbst Entrepreneur, surfer and soccer player, Andy Herbst came to the U.S. in the 1960s from South Africa. After a successful career as a music promoter, Andy traveled on a quest to the Highlands of Mexico where he was introduced to the smoothest, purest blue agave and turned his passion for Tequila into making a variety of the best tequilas in the world. And Rock N Roll Tequila was born.
Partner, COO – Scott Woolley has 30 years in the retail industry including owning and operating a successful, upscale, gourmet grocery stores and a wine & spirit chain called “Woolley’s.” He has launched multiple brands across a variety of industries including developing their marketing and sales strategy’s and is also an accomplished Emmy award winning Television producers.

Partner – Dan Marino is a record-holding former NFL quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On his post-football career, Marino has been renowned for his many successful business dealings and as a television commentator. He is a partner in the uber-successful Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, with 62 locations in Florida and on the East Coast. Marino has been a guest star on many movies and TV shows and a spokesman for numerous brands.

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