Chill Out!

Some people are just naturally energetic. Like me! I don’t ever need Red Bull or caffeine. In fact, I’m a “one-cup-of-iced-coffee-in-the-morning-and-that’s-it-kind-of-girl”. So when Just Chill reached out to us about trying their drink that claims to be calming and reduce stress, I was intrigued. Especially when they replied positively that we could add vodka.

The drink comes in three flavors: Rio Berry, Tropical and Jamaican Citrus.
Just Chill
And they have all sorts of good stuff like Vitamin B and C, along with Magnesium and Zinc. The B helps regulate the nervous system and improve mood, the C promotes healthy response to stress, the magnesium helps relax and relieve tension and the Zinc helps the immune system.

The story behind the product is pretty cool. According to the website, Max Baumann was about to depart on an epic surf trip to Australia. He was super excited for all the spontaneous adventures, great waves and fun people he was going to meet. When Max cruised into a hectic scene at LAX airport he looked around and noticed a sea of stressed out folks.

In that moment, an idea was born to develop a natural drink designed to help keep you calm and focused. He teamed up with some buddies and has not only successfully launched a new beverage but created a new movement called appropriately, the Chill Movement.

The drink is good. And more important to me than being calm would be to look like their team member Bree Kleintop.
Bree of Just Chill
Holy crap! I’m sure Robert wouldn’t mind either!

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