Baking with the Stars!

There’s a good reason we are the Cocktail Couple and not the Cooking Couple. It isn’t because of Robert. He is  amazing in the kitchen, but the other half, that’s me (Kim) can be well, let’s just say, quite a disaster. But that doesn’t stop me from baking up Boardwalk Food Co’s awesome Craft Beer Pretzels. They are super easy. I make them all the time. But since it’s the 4th of July weekend, I wanted to make them into star shapes.
File Jun 29, 4 36 48 PM
SPOILER ALERT: It can be done. And they look super cute. But learn from my 1st attempt mistakes.

VIDEO: Click here to watch the VIDEO  of my baking effort.

1 – Roll out the dough much thinner than I did. Like 1/4 inch. And cut them into shape before placing them in the simmering baking soda.
2 – Don’t even bother trying to cook them and cutting them into shapes after. Waste of dough and not as cute.
3 – Be a little more patient than me in the kitchen. Always.

Whatever you decide to serve, here’s wishing you a very Happy 4th of July!
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