Alien Secretion

Come on, how can you not be intrigued by a drink called Alien Secretion? It’s from Difford’s Guide , but in typical Cocktail Couple fashion, we modified it slightly. That’s what happens when you’re too lazy to run to the store for the right ingredients. But sometimes that turns into a good thing because this is a really fun, delicious drink. And we had an actual pineapple, go figure?

  • 2 oz Vodka (we had Grey Goose, they suggest Kettel One – both are awesome options)
  • 1/4 oz Melon Liquor (they suggest 1/2 oz Midori, but it’s a little too sweet for us, so we recommend less and used a cheaper brand)
  • 1/2 oz Coconut Rum Liquor (they use Malibu which is one of my favorites, but we had Capt. Morgan’s Pineapple Rum)
  • 1 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice (they recommend 3 oz, but once again, we don’t like our drinks too sweet and we were going for the green look)

Shake all the ingredients up and pour over ice. Garnish with leftover pineapple slice and enjoy!

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