I love games. All games. And I gotta admit, I’m a little competitive. Okay, okay, I’m A LOT competitive. I’m completely convinced my girlfriends are secretly playing Bunco without me. I know it’s just a game of luck. But I still want to win. Duh!

Robert is not much of a game player. So when contacted us about their Drinking Golf Game, I thought he would be, well, game. After all, it has two of his favorite things: golf and drinks.
Drinking Golf Game
I set it up on the part of our house where everyone seems to convene – you know, the bar area. And when friends come over, they all seem to gravitate towards it. The rules are simple. Pick up the tiny little club (it’s about the length of a writing pen) and hit the itty bitty ball into the hole. The rest of the rules you make up. So take a shot if you miss or take a shot if you make a hole in one. Or if you are like me, make up the rules as you go along… ensuring you win.

It’s a well made game and doesn’t take long to play. It would be a great gift for golfers/drinkers. And if that’s not your thing, SwagDaddy has loads of other interesting things to tempt you. It’s a site for men by men. They even feature 22 different types of nuts. The kind you eat.  Men are weird.

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