The Gift That Gets You Invited Back

You can never go wrong bringing a bottle of liquor or wine to someone’s house, but sometimes you want to bring a clever hostess gift. You know, the kind of gift they will remember and won’t drink that night and forget you actually brought something. The sort of present that will get you invited the next time they throw a party.

Well, we found an option from two cool guys out of San Francisco.

MakersKit began as live DIY workshops. The classes became so popular that cofounders Mike and Jawn decided to take their best projects and package them as DIY kits. MakerKit’s mission is to inspire the world by creating crafty kits that excite everyone while teaching new skills. The kits are sold on line and in 4,000 retailers including Urban Outfitters and Sur la Table (a personal favorite of ours).

They have tons of kits available from garden to home decor. Needless to say, we chose the Classic Cocktail Bar Set retailing for $36. The kit is made to commercial standards for bars and restaurants. It includes:
• Mason Jar Shaker, Quart Sized
• Stainless Steel Strainer
• Double Jigger, 1 & 1.5 oz.
• Hardwood Muddler
• Ice Tongs
• Cocktail Stir Spoon
• 2 Pour Spouts
The first thing we did was watch Mike and Jawn’s video making Mojitos and Whisky Sour:

The video is totally entertaining, but as usual we didn’t have the exact ingredients and improvised. Our goal was to use all the pieces in the kit, but we didn’t use (and will probably end up tossing) the two liquor pour spouts away. Sorry Mike and Jawn, but we are more the free pouring types. But we do love the large side of the jigger! Using the mason jar as a cocktail shaker was a blast. And the hardwood muddler worked perfect for the fruit and mint.
SetUp MuddlingfromAbove MasonMuddling FakeWhiskeySours

All in all, the Livengood Whiskey NOT SOUR Muddled Fruit drink was divine. To see this kit and all the other options they have available, visit


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