Nuts for Monkey Rum!

A while ago we wrote about wanting to be best friends with George Clooney. And while that is still true, we have added a new BFF to the list. It’s Zane Lamprey. He’s totally, totally cool. Seriously.
Straight from his website bio (  since I couldn’t have said it any better: “Zane Lamprey is often told he has the greatest job in the world.” It’s so true. The guy gets PAID to drink! He really should hire us as assistants. Robert previously worked in the tv business and I, well, I’m sure I could add value somewhere. Plus, we are excellent travel companions and rarely get hung over.

If you haven’t watched any of his shows (Zane’s, not Robert’s), check them out on Drinking Made Easy. You’ll see why his resume includes television host, actor, writer, producer, comedian and most importantly Alcohol Expert. He’s also currently hosting the show “CHUG” on National Geographic TV.

Apparently he kept getting asked what his favorite drink was and didn’t have an answer. So what did he do? He made his own! It’s called Monkey Rum and it launched last year. Available in two flavors (Spiced and Coconut), they are “premium, barrel-aged rums infused with natural flavors and contain less sugar content than traditional flavored rums.”

We received a bottle of the Spiced Rum. (One step closer to being besties with Zane!) The flavor is delicious and really doesn’t need anything added to it. The toasted coconut flavor really comes through. It’s so smooth. Although for all you rum and coke fans out there – wow! You’re gonna go nuts. Pun intended.
Monkey Spiced Rum
A really cool thing about the bottle is that it is made to be up-cycled. When it’s empty, which won’t be long in our house, you can have it cut and turned into a rocks glass. Now if they could tell me how to make a necklace with the cool monkey bottle cap, I’d be all set.
Monkey Rum Top
For more information about this awesome rum, and where to buy it:

And in the words of our new buddy “Let Monkey Rum inspire your sense of adventure.”

Happy National Rum Day!

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