No Secret Password Needed!

Sarasota, Florida is a small town. Chances are you still run into the kids you went to elementary school with on a regular basis. But it has everything a big city offers from amazing restaurants, theatre, ballet, opera (for those that like opera), traveling Broadway shows, and more. Not to mention our beaches get consistently rated #1 in the United States. Yes, that’s right….you read correctly… the entire United States!

Our craft cocktail scene is also, as Guy Fieri famously coined, OFF THE  HOOK! And now, I’m proud to say we even have a speakeasy. You don’t need a secret password to get in, but you do enter using either the backdoor through a slightly smelly alley or slide past the counter of a sandwich shop from Main street. I heard you can get a decent ham sub there.

The place actually opened a few years ago but it was known for being a late night spot. As happy hour connoisseurs, it took us a while to check out. And honestly, it was only when we discovered it started opening at 6pm that we knew we’d give it a go.  I think it’s called Pangea but the sandwich shop in front is called Monkey Bar. It’s a little confusing but that’s a good thing! A speakeasy isn’t supposed to be easy.

It’s a small, dark place with funky decor.
speak-easy - sarasota

The cocktail menu is truly unique with fun names. The mixologist first impresses you with her mad skills using an ice pick.

And if just gets better from there. The drink that now comes to me in my dreams is called DRIFTER. They describe it as “old fashioned salty sweetness under the boardwalk”. Having never been to the boardwalk, I’ll take their word for it. But they better be right since Robert is taking me to a real boardwalk this summer along the Jersey Shore. The drink was made with brown butter infused aged rum and aromatic bitters and get this, topped with salted caramel. This is definitely classified under the drinking your dessert category.

Visiting Sarasota? Add this to your list of places to check out: 1564 Main St, Downtown Sarasota.


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