National Margarita Day Challenge with Multiple Winners

Every year on Feb. 22nd a celebration occurs nationwide. It’s called National Margarita Day. For many restaurants this calls for discounts on margarita and tequila drinks, but in our house it’s an excuse to kick it up a notch. Which means taking time to actually make our own sweet and sour mix with fresh squeeze limes, lemons and simple syrup, and experimenting with more than one kind of margarita.

Robert is a traditional margarita drinker. And while his “perfect” margarita is absolutely delicious (and the ones our guests preferred… whose names won’t be mentioned because I’m still insulted that they didn’t want my version) I took the opportunity to go outside the box. Thanks to Pinterest, I found ways to use the grapefruits that were already in our house  along with my one of my favorite liquors, St. Germaine.

So if you like fresh grapefruit and St. Germaine, I highly recommend you try my version. If you like classic margaritas, you are Team Robert. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Here’s how we celebrate National Margarita Day.

Team Kim
Put a little salt and a little sugar and mix together on a plate. Wet the rim of your glass and coat the rim with the sugar/salt mixture. Set Aside.
Put the following ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake.
– 2 oz tequila
– 1.5 oz St. Germaine
– juice from one lime
– 8 oz fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

Pour into glass over ice or not. Your choice. You can garnish with a lime but I skipped that part. It looks pretty but got in the way of drinking.

Team Robert
Squeeze several limes into a cup and add simple syrup to your liking. (We always have simple syrup on hand that we make with equal parts Demerara sugar and water.)
– 2 oz tequila (probably 3oz but who’s counting?)
– 1 oz grand marnier
-Fill cup with ice and pour mixed ingredients over.
-Garnish with lime and enjoy. Robert does not like salt on his rim but feel free to add.

And if it’s Tuesday, serve with Tacos. We are huge fans of #TacoTuesday. One day you might be lucky enough to have Robert share his secret meat sauce he makes for tacos. Here’s a hint: cinnamon.

However you decide to spend National Margarita Day, enjoy and we highly recommend celebrating on more than one day a year.



  • Laura (Untwisted Vintage) February 22, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Kim, your grapefruit and St. Germaine version sounds delish! I’ll have to try it. I hope I still have a couple of grapefruits left in the fridge.

    • Kim & Robert February 22, 2017 at 2:16 pm

      Glad to have someone on MY team! It was really good. My only regret, I should have put it in a martini glass. Let me know how yours turned out. Cheers!


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