This Tequila Tastes Like I’m Not Going To Work Tomorrow

Making Friends at a Margarita Festival
There’s a first time for everything right? A couple months ago, I attended my first Margarita Festival. I wish I would have taken notes so I can properly recall the experience better. But there was tequila involved. Lots. So even if I took notes, I doubt I would have been able to read my writing.

The other half of the “Cocktail Couple” (my husband) does not enjoy going to these type of events. So I asked my good friend Gina to join me. And of course, I had to get a new tee.
This Tequila Tastes Like I'm Not Going to Work Tomorrow

If you can’t read my t-shirt it says “This Tequila Tastes Like I’m Not Going To Work Tomorrow”. Yes, I stole the headline from my t-shirt. It was too good not to use. Don’t judge!

The event’s website was a little complicated for this newbie. We decided to forgo pricey VIP tickets but pay for the extra tequila tasting from 2-6pm.

The drive for us was about an hour but we didn’t want to get their too early because the band, Barenaked Ladies, were the headliners. Figuring out what time they would be on was a website challenge. We ended up arriving around 3:30 to a very long line. We kept asking volunteers if this was the right line for pre-paid tickets to the tequila tasting and festival. They all said yes. After an hour wait, in the hot sun, we got our wristbands to enter and found out that the tequila tasting was two blocks away.

Needless to say, we ran. When we found the location we were desperate for a ladies’ room. We were sent to a Jimmy Johns around the corner where Gina was forced to buy something as I made a beeline to the single restroom. It was the best three dollars ever spent on a Dr. Pepper! We finally got inside the tequila tasting and panicked. There were around 15 vendors and we only had about an hour left.

Each vendor had several different flavors. Some gave out straight samples and others had mixed them up as margaritas. I don’t want to say how many we tried because I know my mom reads this. I will say we made a lot of new friends. My favorite tequila there was the Blue Nectar with vanilla flavoring.

6pm came quickly and we were ushered out. On our way back to the main festival, we met a couple from Parrish, Florida named Deb and Ester. Ok, his name wasn’t Ester but for some reason that’s what I decided to call him. We bonded during the walk over. (They are the folks in the 1st photo above.)

There were tons of vendors and the lines moved fairly quickly. The drink vendors were under tents and everyone was super friendly. Maybe that was the tequila talking? The food vendors were your typical festival offerings and there were some carnival activities.

They had live music all day but we only caught the last two bands: Cowboy Mouth and BNL. Both were incredibly fun. And that’s NOT the tequila talking. And yes, we got close. That’s the advantage of being girls.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Overall, I would recommend this festival if you’re ok with being outside in the sun and the extra tequila tasting was definitely worth it. I would suggest they figure out a better system for the lines at the entrance. The people that were buying tickets at the door seemed to get in a lot faster than us. I would also recommend a clearer way to understand how to pay for things once inside. The vendors did not take cash. You had a thing on your wristband that was activated to your credit card. We had to go to another information booth to have them set that up for us. Luckily, we found out before we got into a line to buy anything.

Margarita Festival Low Down

If you’re driving from anywhere else, book a hotel. We stopped drinking hours before it ended but 45 minutes into the drive home, I realized that we hadn’t eaten and I was starving. The only reason I’m telling this part of the story is because we stopped at a random Waffle House and guess who was there???? No, it wasn’t the guys from BNL but Deb and Ester, our new friends. What are the chances of that?

There will be another Tampa Bay Margarita Festival next year in May so mark your calendar. You can visit their website for more info at:

I plan to go again! CHEERS!

You Had Us At Tequila!
Adventures of the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival. The good, the bad, and the Ugly.

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