Got Your Hat Ready?

MintI can’t believe it is time for the Kentucky Derby already. I love the race and not just because mint is the only herb that I can grow. Ok. I lied. It’s the mint. It’s the one time of the year that Robert is willing to muddle.

Robert makes the best Mint Juleps. He uses the classic recipe of sugar water, mint and Bourbon (lots of Bourbon). The only thing he does differently is cook the sugar water with lemons. I’m not sure why it is so much better, I guess he just has the magic touch. And I do insist on good Bourbon. I’m currently obsessed with Bulleit and Buffalo Trace.

My best Derby memory is when we were celebrating with friends and Robert chose a horse named “I’ll Have Another” to root for. Totally appropriate for him to pick and hysterical when it actually won. Too bad we didn’t have money on it.
I'll Have Another

However you decide to celebrate the Derby, with hats or without, be sure to bring out the Bourbon.

What’s your favorite?

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