Dare to be Nontraditional this Labor Day

Traditionally, Labor Day means that summer is over. Apparently, Mother Nature has not received the message. We live in Florida, where it is averaging 90-something degrees every day with no rain to cool us down.

Labor Day is also considered the end of wearing white until next summer. Does anyone know why? And why just white? Why not all summer bright colors or pastels? It just makes no sense. And rules are meant to be broken anyway!  So not only will we wear white on Sept. 2nd (and any other day of the month), we are going to enjoy some tasty white drinks that we discovered from two local hotspots.

White Chocolate Raz Martini from Michael’s on East
(Thanks to Beth Wexler for adding some light to the photo with her iPhone flashlight!)

– 1 1/2 oz Stoli Razberi Vodka
– 1/2 oz. White Creme de Cacoo
– 2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liquor
Garnish with rasberries sprinkled with white sugar powder

While at Michael’s bar, the request for a white drink was overheard by Kim from the Lido Beach Resort. When asked what we were up to she suggested the Coconut Martini from Tommy Bahamas. Not only was she right about the color, but the taste was absolutely fabulous. Two hours later, that yummy flavor was still lingering.

Coconut Cloud Martini made by David at Tommy Bahamas
(And if you go during their daily 4-6pm Happy Hour, it’s only $7)

Coconut Cloud Martini
– 1oz Ron Matusalem Platino Rum
– 1.5 oz Cruzan Coconut Rum
– 1.5 oz Stoli Vanilla
– .5 oz Coco Lopez (Cream of Coconut)
Garnish with toasted coconut

Regardless of your Labor Day traditions, hope it’s filled with plenty of good cheer!

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  • Mother August 29, 2014 at 9:34 am

    White and chocolate…….a perfect combination!


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