Boozy Milkshakes

We are celebrating National Milkshake Day the only way we know  how – with booze!

Quoting The Phoenix News Times… “There’s bitter, and then there’s Big Boy bitter.”

Apparently Fernet-Branca is an acquired taste but after finding BuzzFeeds “19 Fun Ways to drink it” (linked)- we hope to acquire quickly!

Again quoting from Phoenix Times (Hey, why do research when someone’s already done it so well!):
Fernet Branca
“Fernet is an amaro, a category of herbal Italian liqueurs originally meant to be drunk after dinner to aid digestion and therefore called digestifs. Amari (that’s plural) are often syrupy and bitter-sweet, and their alcohol content ranges from 16%-35%. That’s why they’re usually sipped (drunk neat or over ice) or used sparingly in a cocktail.”

(You can read the rest of the article here. It’s very informative.

But today, we are not hear to educate. We are here to celebrate National Milkshake Day coming up on Sept. 12.

So when Boozy Chocolate Milkshake came across as a subject line in our inbox, it was immediately opened. Yes, they had us with booze. We were asked to try Fernet Branca as a milkshake. Not such a bad assignment, eh?

But everyone who knows us, knows we aren’t mixologists. We don’t create our own concoctions. What we do is borrow, get inspiration or improvise. Which is exactly what we did here. So thank you to Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler for this Grasshopper Shake recipe. See full recipe here.
The only thing we didn’t do as the recipe instructed was crush the ice with a Lewis bag and mallet. We tried with a rolling pin and dish rag on the first one, made a mess, and lost interest on the next one.  We didn’t notice a difference.

So stock up your bar with Fernet-Branca, creme de menthe, creme de cacho, and ice-cream. These are so good. National Milkshake Day should last a month.


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