Benefits of Being A Tag-Along

Hanging out with Rebekah Mandeville is a really cool thing. Not only is she gorgeous and has that Denver awesome laid-back attitude but she gets invited to cool places. Maybe because she knows more about beer than anyone I know.

The other day I got to tag along with her on a tour of Gold Coast Eagle Distributors. You know, the dudes that sell every bar and restaurant in town beer. Next month Rebekah will be opening up the Mandeville Beer Garden. It will have 30 taps and 100 bottles, so Gold Coast definitely wants in!

We got to see their warehouse, which had floors so clean you could eat off them. Not recommending that but you could. For a beer lover, the warehouse was like Nirvana. Cases on top of cases of beers were everywhere.

Gold Coast Eagle

We also went into the area where the kegs were stored. Keg Nirvana.

KEG Nirvana

Next on the tour was the area where all the displays were kept. Here’s Rebekah with a Clydesdale. No Rebekah, it can’t go home with you.

Clydesdale Budweiser Horse

We also stopped into the office of President/Proprietor John Saputo – the big man on campus. When Rebekah started sharing her beer knowledge the whole room was impressed. She uses those big beer words and drinks the cool stuff. No Budweiser for that girl. (Note to self – must increase vocabulary and drink Stella.)

The last part of our tour was the best. They have their very own tasting room. Not only is it beautiful but they actually serve you. Even at 10am!

Gold Coast Eagle Tasting Room

Our wonderful guide, Craft Brand Ambassador Tony, suggested we try Stella’s Cidre (yes, that’s spelled right) with orange juice. I’m was already a cider fan  but this version of Stella’s was delicious. Apparently it’s made with “hand-picked apples”.  Mixed with the orange juice it became the perfect substitute for Sunday Brunch mimosas. So much cooler.

Stella Cidre

Thanks Tony and Steve for the great tour. I love my new Stella glasses. And thanks Rebekah for letting me tag along. Here’s to some coolness rubbing off on me. Can’t wait for your Beer Garden to open. I’ll be the first one there for Brunch!


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